Suxing Yoga time

The current situation of the epidemic remains grim. Strengthen exercise, increase physical fitness, admit of no delay.   

Each day morning,we check the temperature of employees and people entering and leaving, and check the range of movement to see if they have been to risky areas.

Su Xing has yoga time twice a week in the showroom. Our team is led by a very professional yogi.

  Yoga is a system that helps humans reach their full potential by raising awareness. Yoga postures use ancient and easy to master skills, improve people's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual ability, is a way to achieve the harmony of the body, mind and spirit of the movement, including the body posture method, breath method, heart meditation, to achieve the unity of body and mind.  Yoga developed to today, has become the world wide spread of a physical and mental exercise practice.  

 The lighting atmosphere in our showroom is very suitable for such activities and yoga meditation. 


Yoga has the following benefits for the body:

1, weight loss and shape, through the practice of yoga can make muscles elastic, can make fat burning, achieve the purpose of weight loss, at the same time make the proportion of the body more reasonable.  

2. Regulate emotions and relieve pressure. The process of yoga is a process of self-cultivation, which can increase people's insight, keep optimistic mood, and better release mental pressure and muscle soreness.  

3. It can regulate the blood vessels of the human body. Yoga, an aerobic exercise, can improve the elasticity of blood vessels and is of great benefit to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.  Practice yoga in daily life needs to cooperate with diet and related daily rest, especially to improve sleep and other aspects should cooperate, more beneficial to the body.   

This not only enhances the health of suxing employees, but also helps them regulate their emotions, relieve pressure and provide better service to customers in a better state.

Post time: Sep-06-2021