Factory Profile

Fabric Quality Control:

The fabric is easily the most important component of your garment. It doesn’t matter that world class designers have beautifully designed your garments or that your seam finishes have been perfectly crafted. If your products have been made from flimsy, scratchy or poor quality fabric, your customers will simply move on to the next fashion label that meets their needs. So fabric quality control is particularly important in bulk production.

Fabric width and roll length checking, visual check, aspect, hand fabrics, color inspection is performed under the light as customer requested, fabric extensibility test performing specifications, fabric physical and chemical test, according fabric inspection standard to control fabric quality.


Cutting Department:

Our woven garments factory cutting department is operated by skilled and experienced professionals. Clean and precise cutting work is the foundation of a well made clean looking outwear.

Suxing Garments is an experienced manufacturer of outwear(real down/faux down/padding jacket). Every step of the process is followed-up by experienced people that know the requirements of international brands and retailers. Measurement control over each product is very important, as well as controlling fabric defects. For a consumer it’s also important to have a garment that can be washed without having to consider serious shrinkage.

Before cutting, fabric is tested for shrinkage and fabric defects. After cutting, the cutting panels are checked again for defects before they are transferred to the sewing workshop.

Workers operate according to international safety requirements and wear protective gloves. Hardware is regularly checked and tuned for safety and efficiency.

As we know for the garment processing industry, the cutting process is an important link in garment production. No matter how good the equipment is, it is impossible to change the size and produce the products that meet the requirements. Therefore, its quality will not only affect the size measurement of the garment, then product fail to meet the design requirements, also affect the product quality and cost directly. The quality problems of garments caused by cutting quality problems occur in batches. At the same time, cutting process also determines the consumption of fabric, which is directly related to the cost of products. Therefore, cutting process is a key link in garment production, which must be paid highly attention to. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the products in the garment factory, we start from cutting and improve the quality of cutting firstly. And the most effective and simple way is we used automatic cutting machine instead of manual cutting.

First, improve the traditional management mode

1) The use of automatic cutting machine makes cutting and production stable;

2) Accurate production data, accurate production arrangement and orders;

3) Reduce the use rate of manual labor, and make clear the responsibilities of operators;

4) Cutting quality is stable to reduce internal cost of quality management.

Second, improve the environment for traditional production

1) The use of automatic cutting machine makes the cutting line of garment enterprises have a sense of integrity, improves the scene of traditional environment with many operators and chaos, makes the cutting environment orderly and improves the corporate image clearly;

2) The cloth crumbs generated by cutting will be discharged out of the room through the special pipe to make the cutting environment clean and tidy.

Third, enhance the management level, and improve the malpractice of traditional production

1) The fabric is allocated according to the scientific and accurate per consumption, which can not only control the waste caused by human factors, but also make the fabric management simple and clear;

2) The cutting precision can be effectively controlled to reduce the buck-passing and conflicts between cooperating departments and improve the work performance of middle management personnel;

3) To avoid the influence of human factors on the production schedule, employees should resign, leave or ask for leave at any time, and production can be guaranteed by cutting equipment;

4) The traditional cutting mode pollutes the environment by flying cloth chips, which is easy to pollute flying chips and cause defective products.

Fourth, improve traditional production efficiency

1) The use of automatic cutting machine: the equipment can improve the working efficiency more than four times compared with the manual;

2) The improvement of cutting quality and efficiency can accelerate the production cycle of orders and enable products to be launched in advance;

3) Reduce the number of staff, reduce the worries of managers, and put more energy into more needed areas;

4) Due to the improvement of work efficiency, the order quantity can be increased according to the actual situation of the enterprise;

5) Unified and standardized production can improve the production quality of products and obtain the approval of issuing customers, thus ensuring the source of order quantity.

Fifth, to improve the image of garment enterprises

1) The use of automatic cutting machine, in line with the world management level;

2) Unified and standardized production is the guarantee of quality and improves the image of production quality;

3) Clean and orderly cutting environment can reduce the rate of defective products and improve the image of production environment;

4) The guarantee of product quality and delivery date is the most concerned issue for each issuing customer. Stable cooperative relationship will bring intangible benefits to both parties and enhance the confidence of issuing customer.

Automatic Quilting:

Automatic quilting machine and method for specialized quilting of patterns with separate computers to control the stitching and table movement functions. Effectively improve the production efficiency, one-click operation, when the operator presses the start button, the machine will run automatically, and the worker can prepare other panel. Moreover, thanks to the addition of automatic recognition system, multiple different panels with the same stitching color can be processed at the same time. In addition, top and bottom marker can be prepared before the processing of the next production process, so that the efficiency is improved, greatly improve the quality of products, and because of using programmatic processing, can ensure that all products and needle distance to achieve consistent standards, and can ease the implementation of the special requirements, such as for the corner encryption sewing clothes, or for some parts of the double stitching, etc., simply done by programming, especially handy for special technical requirements of the products; It has various functions and wide applications. It can be used in the processing of the panel, or in the flat sewing and quilting without the panel.

Finishing Department:

The woven garments factory finishing department is operated by experienced workers that are very familiar with the standards of international brands. Different garments have different requirements. A clean and neat outlook is important for every garment we ship out.

Finishing is more than just ironing and packing. It’s making sure every piece is spotless and clean. Good ironing work eliminates creases and avoids iron marks. Each piece is inspected for defects. Loose threads are cut carefully.

Each piece gets checked for measurements before packing.

After packing another random inspection is done by our quality control department. Quality control will do a visual inspection as well as a measurement check and seam strength check.  After confirmation of the final random inspection and confirmation of the shipment sample by our overseas client the goods will be loaded for shipment.

As a manufacturer we understand no brand or retailer likes products in their stores that have loose threads or ironing stains. A clean outlook brings value to both brand and product. Our goods are shipped with a guarantee on both sewing quality and finishing quality.

Automatic Down Filling:

First: Accurate and fast. Our company adopts the automatic filling machine to quickly complete the one-button feeding, infrared induction mixing, automatic weighing, automatic filling and other integrated operations, rather than just filling. It makes each piece of filling down more accurate and efficient.

Second: Easy to operate. In general impression, it may be difficult to operate the automatic velvet filling machine. In fact, as long as the parameters such as gram weight are set in the operation process, there is nothing to be changed in the subsequent operation of the automatic velvet filling machine. There is no need to carry out weighing or material taking operations specially, which can effectively reduce the error rate of velvet filling.

Third: save labor costs and energy. Usually, two or three workers are required to operate the filling room. However, in the automatic filling machine, only one person is needed to complete the filling work. Besides, it can save a lot of time cost for workers and reduce energy consumption of the factory without repeated loading.

Technician Department:

Sample garment is very important in the readymade garment business. A sample is that by which any person can understand the production, qualities, and performance of the total garment export order. The sample is made by technician department ( sample room) according to the buyer’s instructions. It can ensure the garment buyer as well as the customer about the pre and post condition of the garments ordered. The sample is also used to take the required ideas from the market about the business promotion of that order.

The technician department is the most important section in the readymade garments industry. It is that where design ideas are taken from drawing to the tangible garment. It is that kinds of production room where the required amount of sample (2pcs or 3pcs or more) can be made according to the buyer’s recommendation.

We have the most experienced and well performer employee engaged in the technician department. Our technician department consists of fashion designers, pattern makers, sample pattern cutters, fabric specialists, sample machinists, fit specialists who all are experts in their specific area.

After making the pattern of the garments, it’s laid down onto the required quality of the fabric and cut out the necessary amount of pieces for the particular style. After that, cutting fabric is sent to the sample machinists who complete all kinds of sewing operations by using different types of sewing machines. Finally, quality controller checks the garments by following the buyer’s requests and submit to the garments merchandising department.


The technician department has it’s  scope of work:

1.Can make the proper sample by following the buyer’s instructions.
2.Can understand the requirements of the buyer.
3.Can fulfill the requirements of the buyer.
4.Can inform the accuracy or confirmation to the buyer that the bulk production is going to be right.
5.Can confirm the measurement and fabric requirements.
6.Can make perfection in the pattern and marker.
7.Can make perfection in fabric consumption.
8.Can make perfection in the garment costing.

Can utilizes the skill operation with a skilled operator during garment sewing



The garment manufacturing head office is located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China. It is an enterprise integrating production and trade. Because of the wide range of products we offer, we have set-up an office inside the factory for coordination and communication. To make work extra clear for our clients, one appointed person will follow-up on all of one clients orders. While our customer come to visit our office they can also be shown the production in progress. Communication with a garment manufacturer in China is often said to be challenging. Not only is there a language and cultural barrier, there is also problem of different company culture. Our office has export focused staff. That means the guiding company culture is that of the overseas buyer, and communication is done in fluent English. There is no need for any interpreter or local agent to run orders with Suxing Garment. Staff is trained to understand not only your requirements, but also your brand value. We have in total 40staffs in our office following different customer. We promise we will provide you best service, best quality, best lead time for your products.