• Cotton jacket down trend: key profile

    Cotton jacket down trend: key profile

    The all-encompassing theme is like a wave of global energy unleashed by the lifting of restrictions. This energy embraces a wide range of perspectives, not a single form. The new look hopes to create a better future through more elegant and simple silhouette design. 1.Jacket style The silhouette ...
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  • How to redefine clothing marketing in the post-epidemic era?

    How to redefine clothing marketing in the post-epidemic era?

    COVID-19 has profoundly affected and changed the entire world. Travel restrictions, logistics disruptions and brick-and-mortar store closures are forcing apparel companies to adopt new marketing approaches and turn more attention to the digital world. 3D technology is an important driver of digi...
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  • PEACEBIRD:Pressed down jacket

    PEACEBIRD:Pressed down jacket

    Using foreign first-line environmental protection dyeing technology, diversified fabric texture, multi-functional down deconstruction, suitable for skiing ergonomic functions of warmth and wind and cold, are the highlights of this down jacket. In terms of process, Suxing uses the pressing proces...
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  • 2023 S/S Colour the evolution

    2023 S/S Colour the evolution

    After the epidemic, consumers pay more attention to healing, sustainability and sense of belonging, which inspired the natural healing color inspiration of mindfulness and serenity. At the same time, continued social activism led by the innovator consumer community has driven the popularity of vi...
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    Chest embroidery is simple and easy, and fabrics are dyed with novel personality. Personalized long down jacket with dyed color activates agitation restoring ancient ways, shows cool and handsome posture, and makes your Look extraordinary. Neutral VIBE? American college style? All the STYLE you ...
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  • Changzhou· keep going

    Spring has already covered every corner of the city. When we are fully embracing spring, Changzhou City suddenly quieted down. At the moment, the street stretches quietly. Streets are strewn at random, life is inconclusive, but no matter how to ch...
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  • Women’s fabric Trend Intelligent design

    Women’s fabric Trend Intelligent design

    Intelligent design advocates well-designed, sustainable and functional fabrics, and strives to create more durable women’s styles. The growing expectation and demand for smarter, simpler, and more environmentally friendly products, experiences, and systems is driving the theme of intelligen...
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    The soft and lovely down jacket comes on stage, and the minions quietly leave behind their mischievous figure. Under the warm and fluffy outline, you can experience the vitality of the five dangers in your free heart. The latest embroidery process developed by Suxing’s fabric department in...
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    Loose version has its own sense of street cool, the whole body adopts asymmetric stitching design, adding woven fabric details stitching elements, more distinctive. The bright coat fabric has its own technological feel, which contr...
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  • Happy New Year To You

    Happy New Year To You

    Today, the last day of 2021, look back at the past year and wonder if you can remember all the things you experienced. What things, let you surge, and who, let you tears... "Unseal" one year, wuhan's streets and lanes fireworks are...
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  • Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas.

    As the year of 2021 draws to a close, Christmas and New Year's day are approaching as promised. The Year of the Tiger is limited to Calvin Klein, featuring tiger-inspired long sleeved shirts, hot printed shor...
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    The "Double 11" campaign in 2021 comes to an end, and Taiping bird is spreading good news again. According to data provided by Taiping Bird, the company's online and offline omni-channel sales reached 1.56 billion yuan and online omni-channel sales reached 1.19 billion y...
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