• Down coat trends: Key profile

    Down coat trends: Key profile

    In the market environment of inflation and rising energy costs, consumers want to reduce the consumption of more energy, down quilts are more concise, healing and giving people a sense of security, in the minimalist design more soft and dynamic, expressing a kind of femi...
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  • SX×Weekend MaxMara

    SX×Weekend MaxMara

    Low saturation colors dominate the autumn season Take everyday as the scroll, pick up the brush Weekend MaxMara Autumn/Winter 2023 collection Trigger endless style possibilities Cross th...
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  • Fabric trends: Creative Reinvention

    Fabric trends: Creative Reinvention

    "Creative Reinvention" conveys that in the context of environmentally friendly and renewable fiber fabrics, the fashion industry is re-examining, innovating and deducing to adapt to the needs of modern society for sustainability and environmental protection, while giving...
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  • Maillard in autumn

    Maillard in autumn

    Maillard reaction, also known as non-enzymatic Browning reaction, is a kind of non-enzymatic Browning widely existing in the food industry. Extending to the fashion trend, Melard style is to add orange bright items to a large area of brown clothing, representing that the...
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  • 2023 intertextile surface accessories exhibition

    2023 intertextile surface accessories exhibition

    On August 30, 2023intertextile Autumn and winter surface accessories exhibition came to a successful conclusion. During the three-day exhibition period, the crowd in the exhibition hall is surging, rubbing shoulders, many booths are co...
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  • The fashion industry’s digital rebirth

    The fashion industry’s digital rebirth

    The fashion industry's digital rebirth Browzwear began its journey of change a few years ago. Revolutionize fit analysis with the introduction of an innovative pressure chart feature. Try on the clothes on the platform to get a complete picture of how the clothes fit in ...
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    BARBIE CORE With the explosion of the "Barbie" movie, the "Barbie core" Barbie trend has risen rapidly, and has become a new self-assertion of female consumers. Barbie core, a portmanteau of "Barbie" and "core" suffixes, concisely presents the core theme of th...
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    "DIESEL s always been defiant and charismatic Just one look. You knhaow they're from the DIESEL universe." -- Glenn Martens, Creative Director - Write tannin color - Unordered edging bold tailoring Pleated material creates v...
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  • Minimal dopamine

    Minimal dopamine

    Consumers remain cautious, and the consumption concept tends to be minimalist, practical and comfortable. Bold colors continue to be popular, and dopamine brightening has a mood-boosting effect, which can add vitality to a minimalist style and create a comfortable and eye-catching style. 1.Dopami...
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  • 2024 S/S Single item trend: Sun-protective clothing

    2024 S/S Single item trend: Sun-protective clothing

    Sun-protective clothing as the focus of spring and summer development of single products, in the new season to show a new look, waist length more attention to cutting and fabric details of the design, ultra short cape and short, suit both fashionable and cool, protective, shirts and pullovers als...
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  • Just go|SX×Calvin Klein Jeans

    Just go|SX×Calvin Klein Jeans

    Take advantage of the weather Just go Have a summer vacation plan Breath nature travel together Sunless line sunscreen coat Cloud sense fiber thin wear resistance simple colloca...
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  • 2024/2025 AW Global color

    2024/2025 AW Global color

    As the world opens up, the economy recovers and the chaos and constraints caused by the pandemic ease, but the future is still full of uncertainty, fear and joy, autumn/Winter 2020/25 will explore a more durable and sustainable color palette. 1.Dark acid orange Dark lime orange is a peaceful ligh...
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