Pressed down jacket


JACK WOLFSKIN, as a leading outdoor brand in Germany, has consolidated its pioneering position and outstanding expertise in the field of sustainable development with innovative and high standards of technology excellence. Conservation of resources and effective elimination of harmful emissions from manufacturing processes have been at the heart of its efforts. Headquartered in Idstein, Germany, the outdoor market in Europe is favored by consumers.

This type of rubber suit adopts adjustable fixed cap design, free adjustment wind proof and warm. The combination of windproof and waterproof zipper with protective neck and button, non-fluoride waterproof coating and TEXAPORE waterproof fabric brings diversified fabric texture, multifunctional down deconstruction, suitable for skiing ergonomic warm and wind and cold protection function.

Seamless adhesive garment refers to the garment produced by stitching the garment pieces with textile materials as the main raw material and using new electronic processing technologies such as bonding, welding and heat sealing. Its main processing technology is to cut woven or knitted fabrics into garment pieces with laser cutting bed, supplemented with hot melt film, through new electronic processing technology, such as hot pressing, ultrasonic technology to weld the garment pieces, completely or partially without the use of sewing needles and sewing threads. Since seamless pressing garment products do not need needle and thread in the production process, there will be no production problems such as jumper and broken thread, and avoid the situation of broken needle residue, and eliminate the hidden safety risks, it is widely used in sports clothing, waterproof and windproof outdoor clothing, etc. After the continuous upgrading of equipment and technical improvement, Suxing’s glue pressing process is relatively mature. The joint strength of the pressing part meets the requirements of the product.

Post time: Aug-03-2022