Maillard in autumn

Maillard reaction, also known as non-enzymatic Browning reaction, is a kind of non-enzymatic Browning widely existing in the food industry. Extending to the fashion trend, Melard style is to add orange bright items to a large area of brown clothing, representing that there will be a surprising and instant "warming" chemical reaction in maturity and precipitation - just like the collision of reduced sugars and proteins at high temperatures. Maillard pays attention to low-key, restrained, only simple styles and textured fabrics can create a high level of exquisite relaxation.

1. Hot fudge

The delicious hot fudge entices people's taste buds. This kind of dark to a little black color, low-key, depressed, giving a kind of advanced exquisite harmonious beauty.


2. Doe

Doe is a tawny, tactile brown that exudes a soft warmth. This versatile cross-season color, derived from the plants and fruits of nature, creates a strong autumn atmosphere.


3. Mumbai Brown

Bombay Brown, inspired by the color of natural ecology, brings a warm visual feeling to the bleak autumn and winter. Highlight the low-key and restrained temperament in autumn and winter, highlight the calm atmosphere and spontaneous style of Maillard.


4. Raw skin color

After the baptism of the epidemic, people began to pursue low-key, quiet luxury. Raw skin color in autumn and winter with a reassuring sense of down-to-earth, the tone is calm and low-key, through the spontaneous sensory elements, herbs, rock landscape and other natural scenery together, to evoke people's understanding of the nature.


5. Oak-gold

As one of the key colors of the Maillard color system, oak-gold is a natural color formed from the burst of landform plasma, which is a private romance of autumn alone, bringing elegant visual feelings to autumn and winter.


Post time: Sep-25-2023