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The Higg Index

Developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Higg Index is a suite of tools that enables brands, retailers, and facilities of all sizes — at every stage in their sustainability journey — to accurately measure and score a company or product’s sustainability performance. The Higg Index delivers a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the well-being of factory workers, local communities, and the environment.

Facility Tools
Higg Facility Tools measure environmental and social sustainability impacts in manufacturing facilities around the world. There are two Higg Facility Tools: Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) and Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (Higg FSLM).

Standardizing the Measurement of Social and Environmental Impacts in Facilities
Apparel, footwear, and textile production takes place at thousands of facilities around the world. Each facility plays a key role in the overall sustainability of the industry. The Higg Facility Tools offer standardized social and environmental assessments that facilitate conversations among value chain partners to socially and environmentally improve every tier in the global value chain.

Higg Facility Environmental Module
The environmental cost of producing and wearing clothes is high. Making a typical pair of jeans can require nearly 2,000 gallons of water and 400 megajoules of energy. Once purchased, caring for that same pair of jeans throughout its lifespan can emit more than 30 kilograms of carbon dioxide. That’s equivalent to driving a car 78 miles.

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) informs manufacturers, brands, and retailers about the environmental performance of their individual facilities, empowering them to scale sustainability improvements.
The Higg FEM provides facilities a clear picture of their environmental impacts. It helps them identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvements.

Higg Facility Social & Labor Module
Everyone deserves to work in a safe and healthy environment where they receive fair pay. To improve social and labor conditions for the workers who produce billions of garments, textiles, and footwear each year, brands and manufacturers need to first measure the social impact of global facilities.


The Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (Higg FSLM) promotes safe and fair social and labor conditions for value chain workers all over the world. Facilities can use the scored assessment to understand hotspots and reduce audit fatigue. Instead of focusing on compliance, they can dedicate time and resources to making lasting systemic changes.
Continue to join HIGG to achieve innovative self-assessment that enables the company to evaluate material types, products, manufacturing plants and process processes within the context of environmental and product design choices.
The HIGG Index is a standard sustainability reporting tool used by more than 8,000 manufacturers and 150 brands worldwide.It eliminates the need for repetitive self-evaluations and helps identify opportunities to improve performance.

Post time: Apr-05-2020