How to redefine clothing marketing in the post-epidemic era?

clothing marketing1

COVID-19 has profoundly affected and changed the entire world. Travel restrictions, logistics disruptions and brick-and-mortar store closures are forcing apparel companies to adopt new marketing approaches and turn more attention to the digital world.

3D technology is an important driver of digital transformation. From pen and paper drawing to 3D design, from physical samples to lettering, the digital revolution brought by technology is leading us to more efficient working modes. The precision of digital garment makes it the real digital twin of physical sample garment, enabling garment to be presented accurately and intuitively before production.

Su Xing began to learn and apply 3D technology a few years ago. With the continuous improvement of 3D technology, Su Xing is also constantly learning and improving the application of 3D in clothing design, and has mastered 3D technology through practical application again and again. The paper and pen drawing is combined with 3D technology, and 3D technology is used to three-dimensional plane design drawings to more intuitively show the design defects of clothing and modify them, which not only saves the cost of proofing and modification, but also ensures the quality.

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For the foreseeable future, repeated outbreaks will be the norm. Digital clothing is now seen as an innovation that will translate into universal everyday use.

These applications may have more impact in the metasverse than they do in real life, so that a lot of clothing will no longer need to exist in physical form. In the future, the clothing industry will also sell more personalized NFT virtual goods in addition to physical goods.

It will also enable the integration of currently fragmented digital practices, including clothing design, collaboration, display and sales, leading the digital transformation of the entire industry. Suxing will think outside the box, take the initiative to meet challenges and embrace innovation, so as to maintain growth in this era of significant uncertainty.

Post time: May-24-2022