Fabric trends: Creative Reinvention

"Creative Reinvention" conveys that in the context of environmentally friendly and renewable fiber fabrics, the fashion industry is re-examining, innovating and deducing to adapt to the needs of modern society for sustainability and environmental protection, while giving new life and meaning to fashion with the power of creativity. Redefine and design in creative ways to meet the needs of modern fashion. The cultural and historical reinterpretation of environmentally friendly and renewable fiber fabrics combines traditional, natural and modern elements to create a new fashion language.

1. Environmentally friendly filling

As more attention is paid to the ethical standards of animals in the textile industry. This consideration includes no animal cruelty, reduced environmental impact, sustainable farming, labor rights, and traceability. By regenerating synthetic fibers, people are better able to support the manufacture of sustainable and ethical fashion products.


2. Soft fleece

People's pursuit of comfort and warmth has gradually developed the bedroom blanket style into daily clothing. These styles come in brushed, polar and super soft fabrics.


3. Three-dimensional texture

Three-dimensional texture has the characteristics of three-dimensional texture and surface texture, showing a bumpy deconstruction, and wearing a greater inclusiveness of the figure.


4. Recycled velvet

Raw velvet fabric is a type of velvet fabric that is sustainably manufactured, usually made from recycled fibers, to reduce dependence on natural resources and reduce environmental impact.


5. Leather of the future

Metallic luster leather is a kind of leather material with a metallic texture and shiny luster, and the leather surface is treated to show different light effects.


Post time: Oct-10-2023