Epidemic prevention and control measures _ Epidemic prevention knowledge

Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention Measure

1、How can the general public protect themselves from the new pneumonia epidemic?
1. Minimize visits to crowded areas.
2. Regularly ventilate your room at home or at work.
3. Always wear a mask when you have a fever or cough.
4. Wash your hands frequently. If you cover your mouth and nose with your hand, wash your hands first.
5. Don't rub your eyes after sneezing, take good personal protection and hygiene.
6. At the same time, the general public does not need goggles for the moment, but can protect themselves with masks.


Pay Attention And Do Protection

This virus is a novel Coronavirus that has never been found before.The state has classified this novel Coronavirus infection as b class infectious disease, and adopted the prevention and control measures of a class infectious disease.At present, a number of provinces have launched a first-level response to major public health emergencies.I hope the public will also pay attention to it and do a good job in protecting it.

3. How to do business trip?
It is recommended to wipe the interior and door handle of official vehicles once a day with 75% alcohol.The bus must wear a mask. It is recommended that the bus wipe the door handle and door handle with 75% alcohol after use.
4. Wear the mask correctly
Surgical masks: Can block up to 70% of bacteria. If you go to public places without contact with sick people, a surgical mask is enough.Medical protective mask (N95 mask) : can block 95% of bacteria, if you will contact with the patient should choose this one.

Advance epidemic prevention planning, production safety all grasp firmly.In times of war, do not be lenient; in times of mass prevention and control, do a good job.Safety protection is done, weichuang will have a better tomorrow!!!


Post time: Jun-05-2020