Cotton jacket down trend: key profile

The all-encompassing theme is like a wave of global energy unleashed by the lifting of restrictions. This energy embraces a wide range of perspectives, not a single form. The new look hopes to create a better future through more elegant and simple silhouette design.

1.Jacket style

The silhouette of the jacket is combined with the outdoors. The design of the small and truncated velvet and quilted jacket mixes and matches various pieces to present versatile pieces of various styles.

key profile1

2.Joker vest

Eiderdown vest is more interesting and lightweight in the sense of layering. The filling, quilting and color contrast design methods are more breakthrough, which can meet the needs of daily wear on various occasions and have outstanding windproof and warmth function.

key profile2

3.Truncated version

The popularity of truncated style still continues, breaking through the stereotype of down cotton-padded clothes and no longer being bloated, and creating a more diversified collocation and combination with partition layering.

key profile3

4.Adjust the draw string

Adjust the rope to bring people fashion and free design sense, make down cotton clothes more sports wind, create adjustable sense, will also produce more activity, can be decorative and practical combination.

key profile4

5.Removable type

The pieces connected by zipper or button can be disassembled, skillfully embellishing the overall collocation, adding practical sense to the single item and giving it diversity.

key profile5

6.Contrast edge

The edge of the down cotton garment is inlaid with details. The sense of line brought by the edge decoration of the garment brings a sense of rhythm to the whole garment and better decorates the lines of the garment.

key profile6

Post time: Jun-20-2022