Changzhou· keep going

Spring has already covered every corner of the city. When we are fully embracing spring, Changzhou City suddenly quieted down.

At the moment, the street stretches quietly. Streets are strewn at random, life is inconclusive, but no matter how to choose, the next section of road is the direction of home.

A city, calm down. Yes, for what?

"Quiet" is conducive to accurate detection of infected people; "Quiet" is conducive to cutting off the transmission chain more quickly. Stop the epidemic with static braking.

City life "quiet" down, home isolation, multiple rounds of nucleic acid ...

Just to hold, hold, hold

Race against time, fight against virus, Changzhou people at this moment.

Silence is the responsibility. Move, is the mission.

All the employees in Su Xing actively responded to the government's call and cooperated with every nucleic acid test. The company prepared dormitories for the employees who live in other places to ensure the safety of every employee. During the six days of "quiet" in the city, every employee worked at home, cooperating with the government and maintaining the company's operation.

At this moment, in Changzhou, although the spring rain is slightly cold, people's hearts are getting warmer. Appreciating the spring flowers on the cloud is more brilliant, and the life at home is also wonderful. Let's calm down, slow down and tighten up. Finally, I believe that flowers will bloom someday and the future can be expected. We must embrace the brighter Longcheng Spring with the best posture.

Post time: Mar-28-2022